This one is mine!!  My Tequila Sunrise Car!!!  It's a 95, loaded with
power everything, and an air horn!  I'm keeping this one...yeah,
you've heard it before.
What a pair!
The one on the right is mine.
Are these babies gorgeous, or what?  This beautiful fade design was painted by
Jose Ortega of Gustine.  Well done, Jose!
The Tequila Sunrise Cars
These pictures were taken in 2008, when I got the TQ.
The Tequila Sunrise Miata is gone.  Yes, it's true. Oh, he's not gone from
Miatadom, he's just gone from me. It was very hard to part with this special car, but
necessary. I had it for seven years and now it's someone else's turn. So now TQ has
moved on to Redding, California. He's going to have a garage! The new owner was
as happy and excited as I was when I first saw it.        
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Fast forward to 2013
A few Miata friends stopped by to say
goodbye, and to show their cars, too.