The Tequila Sunrise car has been invited to appear at the California Auto Museum. TQ and 9 other Miatas will be
displayed for the entire month of April! This is a very special little car. There is a story about it in a Miata book, the
interior photo here was used in the Redline Goods catalog, and it was signed by Tom Matano, Father of the Miata (in
the trunk, of course).

Basic specs - pretty much stock
except where it's not.
Cold air intake
enhanced exhaust,
full rollbar
A/C, PW, PM, power antenna
Clearwater speakers (headrest and door) - it ROCKS
Extra sway bar in engine bay
Under the car rack for spare tire
Timing belt and water pump changed at 100k
, and .. it's gorgeous.

It has 138k miles and has been very well maintained. Sports pretty American Racer rims
now and has LSD.  PEP (Popular Equipment Package). It's a dream to drive and it certainly gets noticed.

Tequila Sunrise is now being offered for sale.. I'm very sad to let this car go. It's been a joy to own, but I can't keep
both Miatas.
TQ's Own Page
                                         The Tequila Sunrise Miata
                                           and How it Came to Be

       " I found the paint job and then had to go out and find a car to put it on! ".  Click here for the whole story.
Tequila Sunrise at Laguna Seca, Miatas at Mazda Raceway, 2013
It was awesome! I heard that 800 Miatas were expected. It was impossible to count them as they zoomed everywhere. I
was there, and here's what happened ...
I did it :(  I sold my car. i SOLD IT!!  It was hard when reality started to hit. I drove it a lot more this last month, thinking
it might be my last chance. I got attached to it all over again. It was fun to zip around and turn heads again. But no

Now the new owner is just as excited as is possible in such a small person. She LOVES it. She jumped up and down
when she first saw it, like I did.  And now I have money again!
Some Just Miatas friends dropped by to say goodbye
Bye Tequila Sunrise. Drive
carefully and be fun!