Just Miatas at Laguna Seca
                                                               Miatas at Mazda Raceway

By Terese Mac Davis

It was awesome, of course. It always is when hundreds, maybe thousands of Miatas gather at Laguna Seca for the
Miatas at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca event, April 27-28, 2013. I couldn’t tell how many were there, but everyone was
zooming around and the weather was perfect.

I had to pull the Tequila Sunrise Miata out of the California Auto Museum (that’s another story www.justmymiata.
com/TQmuseum) a few days early to head down to Salinas.

It was just a year ago that we launched the
Just Miatas book at the Miatas at Mazda Raceway and I was very pleased
that so many people told me they had read it. On this one-year anniversary we’re going on Amazon Kindle with it.  If only
my mom could have seen this!

Last year we met a couple, Amanda and Lake and their son Jackson. We have become fast friends since then and we
stayed with them and drove our Miatas around and traded cars and had fun playing, Last year they all three appeared
in the Moss Motors video. This year Lake took Jackson (age 7) on the parade laps. That was one excited boy,,,and
Jackson was pretty excited too!

Being a Participant this year was a lot different than being a vendor last year. I just got to play all day. I had a blast on
our 45 minute parade laps on Saturday.

When you come into the paddock area, you feel like you’re among your own kind. This is free so far. You’re a spectator
and can bring your Miata and drive around the paddock. The racers are right there working on their cars and doing
sprints down the Alley making lots of noise and looking impressive. You can walk around and look and talk to anyone. It’
s a very relaxed social gathering. It was so special just being there. You can see all the newest toys for your Miatas. You’
re a part of it.

For the average Participant ($45-55) you get several privileges. You can drive your car in the parade laps and ride with
a racer during the breaks. You can enter your car in the Car Show (mine didn’t win anything). You get goodie bags and
tee shirts and other Miata wearables. Last year we came home with about eight shirts!

Moss Motors put on a very nice raffle (which I didn’t win, of course) with a set of really cool  wheels, a cold air system,  
some of those coils that all the techies get so excited about, and some other performance stuff.

I had a wonderful time. However, I did not achieve my goal of riding with a racer. I vowed that I would do it this year,
especially since Amanda and Lake did it several times. But I chickened out.

See, I went on a run with a racer up at Thunderhill Raceway a few years ago and it scared the bejesus out of me. He did
the whole course sideways and way too fast (for me). I had to beg him to stop and let me out.

I’m just not a racer. My Miatas go plenty fast enough to get me in trouble. That’s as fast as I need to go. But I am a Miata
person, even so. I like a nice rumble and a turn of speed now and again. I do enjoy driving, whipping around and darting
through traffic. I like to be in front and if a lane is free, its mine. These cars of ours are so responsive and tight. .

The place was full of racers there having the time of their lives, I’m sure. We met some incredible people and saw some
incredible cars. I’m sure some of the racing folk will share the technical experience. I’m just being a Miata owner this time.

For a car that’s kept its basic look, there were a lot of creative Miata people who did all kinds of things to their cars. The
racing stuff, of course. The accessories and mods make the cars individuals. If you’ve ever seen a wing you liked, it was
there. Everything that Moss Motors, Flyin’ Miata, Goodwin Racing, the 949 team, and all stuff the performance vendors
make or sell was on a Miata somewhere around.

I finally got my Clearwater speakers that I’ve wanted for five years, installed on the spot by Skip Noyes, a friend at
SAMOA (my home club). Wow! I was almost blown away!  The Tequila Sunrise rocked! We drove around and visited and
played music for everyone … loudly. The stereo is absolutely kick ass now and I could drown out ‘one of those guys’
who make your living room vibrate. Having that great sound system makes it even harder to sell the TQ, but I couldn’t
sell it with original, worn out speakers. Now he sounds as good as he looks.

Sadly, we had to leave after dinner on Saturday night and drive back to Riverbank. It took about an hour and a half and
it was a lovely drive. We kept each other awake and talked about the cars, and the craft fair we were doing on Sunday
and then we were home by 11 pm.

Thank you Rick Weldon and all your team for putting on such an exciting event. Everything went smoothly and a good
time was had by all.

We’re definitely going next year. It’s a great event and everyone you meet has a Miata, too!