1996 Mazda Miata, Montego Blue (navy in the shade, metallic green in thd sun), PS,
A/C, CD, headrest speakers, polished chrome American Racing wheels with 4 new
tires. 114k miles.   Lots of little chrome details, like the speaker splash, reminiscent of
the 93 Limited Edition Miata and some of the earlier American racing cars.  New
paint, perfect body, excellent top and back window.  Recent maintenance includes
timing belt and water pump last year, new starter and clutch (over the past several
years), new belts and heater hoses, flushed transmission, valve cover gasket and
o-ring seal.  This is a beautiful, sturdy, little car for fun, work, and school.  Consumer
Reports rates it very highly in reliability and maintainability.  Drives like a dream, gets
30 mpg+ on regular gas.  (located in central valley).
These 2 pictures show the color, as well as you can get it on
camera..the blue on the left and metallic on the right