1994 Laguna Blue Mazda Miata.  Automatic transmission, 93k miles.  Gets 28 mpg.  A/C,
power mirrors, power steering, leather-wrapped steering wheel, brushed stainless sill plates
with the Miata logo in blue, dual airbags, upgraded headrest speakers for wonderful sound.  
Clean body with original paint, new rear window, excellent top, tires, brakes.  Have the
service records on this California car from the beginning.  Timing belt done at 68k miles;  
recently replaced belts, heater hoses, battery, valve cover gasket and o-ring seal.  Flushed
radiator and differential and oil change, This car drives like a dream, smooth strong shifting,
1.8 litre engine, and never been in an accident.  Have CARFAX report and recent smog
certificate.  The Laguna Blue color  was offered in the US only in 94 and 95.
This was the ad for the car that became my BlueBerry.  This was the second time I sold it.  It
came back again.  I've owned it three times and sold it twice.  
This time I'm keepin' it.  
This is a different  car that I sold three times.  I think it was the original Tim's Car.  
Each owner had it a couple of years and both started having knee problems and
the Miata wasn't right for them anymore.  It was a great car!  Each owner added
some extra goodies.  There's a story about the license plate in here somewhere
or in the book.  I seriously considered keeping this one instead of the BlueBerry,
but I'd already started on customizing mine and it had lower miles.