The 92 Gallery Edition
by Terese Mac Davis

The 92 Gallery Edition was never advertised as a special edition and won't show up on a Kelly Blue Book.  The designers on the Miata Team  quietly put this one on the market as a C
package.  But it wasn't.  It came with BBS wheels, the M edition sill plates, the Nardi shift knob and e-brake.  It was Brilliant Black with the tan leather package.  If you have a 92 black
and tan, it's a Gallery Edition.  
Note: I've since heard there was a plain C package black and tan in 92  released in Canada but I don't think in the United States. I never saw one.

I have noticed lately that people are referring to them as SEs and LEs, so they can tell there's something special about them.

This was one of my favorites.  I restored several of these and it was always a pleasure working on them.  Such a gorgeous car!
It was great whenever I found one of these babies.  Mazda made quite a few of them, so I probably did 5 or 6,
including several automatics (most ATs went to San Francisco).   I love black cars.  They are so beautiful
when they're clean, but they're so rarely clean.

I remember when we bought our first one.  This was towards the beginning of our enterprise.  Bill showed
me an ad for a black 92.  He explained the Gallery to me.  I had never heard of it, and could find only a few
mentions of it anywhere.  He was right, though.  When we got there, I understood how special the Gallery

We bought it, of course.  That one needed a paint job and a new back window.  I don't mind having a car
painted.  It makes such a tremendous difference to have it perfect again.  I know that original paint is
preferred, but I'd rather have a gorgeous car, myself.

This one was a California car, fairly low mileage, clean body and near perfect interior.  I always look for a 92
black whenever I'm Miata hunting.  Most people don't know what they have and we usually went by a
combination of Kelley Blue Book and the season and condition.  The Gallery is just a C package ... they don't
list the wheels, the sill plates, the Nardi stuff, etc.  It was the first black Miata made and Mazda just loaded it
up with everything they had.

Well, the cat's out of the bag now.  I never had any problem at all, selling a finished Gallery Edition.  They sold
themselves.  Just look at it!
This is what I mean when I say a car 'is shining with cleanliness and beaming with happiness!'